Smoked octopus

After the previous small octopi, we received an octopus twice as large (750 grams).
This one’s head was of reasonable size and not something to toss out.
It was treated in an identical manner – cleaning, cutting, blanching, cooking and cooking in the sous-vide.
After it was cooked the octopus waited patiently in the fridge for the suitable moment.

The smoker was heated to 107⁰C. I added an additional grate perpendicular to the existing one and placed the octopus on top of it.
I think I left it there for approx. 45 min. just so it would attract some smoke and heat up.

It was very tasty and the extra smokiness was nice, but we all agreed that the charing contributes more to the experience than smoke. So, if combining smoke and charing is an option, then it is great, but otherwise…

Let’s hope that next time the octopus size keeps growing exponentially 🙂

This post is also available in: Hebrew

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