The Salmon Man!

During our last visit to Paphos (in December of the last decade – OK, less than 2 months ago) we booked a table for 10 at Salmon’s Taste -. The rumor was that the entire meal is based on salmon – even the pizza. We did not know exactly what to expect, and even if we had been told, I am not sure we would have believed it. We were heartily welcomed by the owner Andreas, and after the only other couple in the restaurant left, we had the place to ourselves the entire evening. Andreas told us that we would start with some traditional Meze and continue with salmon and in short that we should trust him. We agreed and the plates started to arrive:

Great, but where is the salmon?
Salmon sticks

We were requested to guess the origin of the rolls’ colors. difficult to believe the rolls are gluten free. we spent the entire meal debating whether we could distinguish between the rolls with our eyes closed. The accompanying cheese was fantastic.

We discovered that he is a health food enthusiast who takes pride in importing special salmon from Scandinavia and spends a lot of time on preparing healthy, nutritious and tasty food for his athlete son.

When I told him that I also cure and smoke salmon we immediately become friends. He told us that he recently discovered that part of his ancestry is Jewish. He is a great admirer of Israel and has visited our country Well, it is not far away 🙂

A pizza for the young child and the vegetarian cousin

Some stories about the rest of the family and a surprise

Salmon underbelly snacks
A salmon dish with whole grained rice and carob extract

a little about his history…

and a tad more salmon

some stories about the places he has visited…

Salmon pizza for the non-vegetarians

and for the main course

Oven baked salmon – not that there is no white protein

We finished our meal full of salmon and took the leftovers with us in boxes :-) .Undoubtedly a very special place with an impressive range of salmon dishes

We returned to our villa and lit the 6th Hanukkah candle

This post is also available in: Hebrew

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