Smoked Pecans

Growing up in Arad, we had neighbours with family toes to a Moshav in the center of the country. Every year just before Passover we would receive a small sack of fresh pecans that we would crack with great enjoyment for a few months.
One of the things my mother would do with the abundance of pecans was partially crack them, sprinkle salt and water on them, and bake them in the oven.
I left Arad long ago, but I still like pecans. So, given the variety of fruit and vegetables that can now (Covid 19) be purchased directly from the growers, we invested in a small sack (only 5 kg) of fresh pecans, a good few kilo of avocado and plenty of clementines.

After much cracking, eating and enjoyment, I found some time to reconstruct my mothers recipe.

  • Wash the pecans thoroughly with water
  • Gently bash each pecan twice with a wooden mallet
  • Sprinkle some water over the pecans
  • Sprinkle the pecans with table salt
  • Place the pecans in the oven at 150⁰C for 45 minutes

And what about something new?
Place the nuts in the smoker at 107⁰C for approx, 1.5 hours
*you can use pecan wood, but it is not a must 😉

It might be an idea to prepare a few trays at once, as they tend to vanish rather quickly!

Tip – it is much easier to peal roasted pecans than fresh ones

This post is also available in: Hebrew

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