Flank variations

It is a little sad to remove the last piece of flank from the freezer On the other hand it means that it is on the way to your plate, so there is reason for joy too. A while back I experimented a little with Flank and yogurt so I decided to continue in this vein.
After a day of defrosting in the fridge, I removed the cut from the bag and placed it in a pan. I poured a small container of yogurt over it and rubbed it all over. I returned the pan to the fridge for the night.
In the middle of the following morning, I washed the yogurt of the meat and dried it. I spread some Dijon mustard on it. I sprinkled it with a mixture of sweet paprika, ground cardamom and powdered Bulgarian honey garlic (Allium siculum).

Once the smoker reached the desired temperature, I placed the flank on the bottom shelf, right over the water tray so the meat would remain as moist as possible, and places some wine barrel wood chunks on the coals.
I took the meat out of the smoker after approx. 1 hour. I estimate the internal temperature was about 45-50 degrees.
I carved it into slices 2 cm thick.

Charred it lightly on the griddle, seasoned it with some salt and pepper, and served it.

The meat was juicy, soft & tasty with a slight hint of smokiness. What more can you ask from a weekday lunch 🙂

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