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June Fudge

We had April Fudge and May Fudge and now it is time for the June fudge…This time I chose a challenging one – caramel fudge. The caramel is the challenge as we will not use extracts or work with brown … Continue reading

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We reached one very clear conclusion from our previous experiments with check meat – A kosher cut presents a real problem.Either this cut absorbs salt at a spectacular rate or it receives a near lethal dose of salt during the … Continue reading

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Flank variations

It is a little sad to remove the last piece of flank from the freezer On the other hand it means that it is on the way to your plate, so there is reason for joy too. A while back … Continue reading

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Sous vide octopus and smoked jack mackerel

The age of Covid 19 has brought with it significant changes to the food supply industry. Suppliers catering mainly to restaurants have been forced to seek new customers, and retails stores are ramping up their delivery capabilities. The end result … Continue reading

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What do you do with a tail?

While I was rearranging the contents of my freezer, I stumbled upon a tail…A moving tail in your pantry could very well be cause for alarm, however a stationary tail in the freezer is actually more of an invitation to … Continue reading

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Smoked Pecans

Growing up in Arad, we had neighbours with family toes to a Moshav in the center of the country. Every year just before Passover we would receive a small sack of fresh pecans that we would crack with great enjoyment … Continue reading

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Smoked octopus

After the previous small octopi, we received an octopus twice as large (750 grams).This one’s head was of reasonable size and not something to toss out.It was treated in an identical manner – cleaning, cutting, blanching, cooking and cooking in … Continue reading

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The Salmon Man!

During our last visit to Paphos (in December of the last decade – OK, less than 2 months ago) we booked a table for 10 at Salmon’s Taste -. The rumor was that the entire meal is based on … Continue reading

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We dig Israel!

Summer has arrived and so have our relatives from abroad, and even though it is insanely hot, it is time to go out and explore the country. The activity – participation in a real archaeological dig – is something that they told us … Continue reading

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Holy Mackerel!

Despite the crazy heat and my wish to remain in an air-conditioned room, some things simply cannot be arranged over the phone or Internet, which is why I found myself wandering around Netanya. Since I was not far from the market, I … Continue reading

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