We did it!

We were very excited with our first escape room, a new experience is always nice, and even if there were a few faults and our teamwork was not always perfect, we nevertheless managed to escape 🙂
Most of the people we told had no idea what we were talking about, and even those that did, had never been to an escape room themselves.
While watching episodes of The Big Bang Theory (an experience in itself), we ran across an episode in which they spend (a little) time in an escape room (season 8 -episode 16) and remembered how much fun we had.

It is now summer time an we have guests from abroad, so what can you do during the hottest summer ever in the maddening humidity of the coastal region? Maybe an escape room?
Even though only 2 months have gone by, the number of rooms has grown significantly (there are now some 27 active rooms in the country, over 20 in Tel-Aviv). Most are not built for 6 and some require knowledge of Hebrew, and finding one free at a suitable hour at short notice is not an easy task.

Our options pointed us in the direction of Quest & Quest, the entrance is from the side of a rather decrepit building, stairs lead up to the 3rd floor and you enter an unimpressive waiting room, actually quite fitting with the cover story “stealing into a local artist’s studio to try and solve a missing person mystery the police failed to solve”.
The waiting room is quite basic, far from the opulence of our first escape room experience but there is cold water, a toilet and a nice person to greet you which is actually all you really need.
The explanations can be had in English or Hebrew, so we chose English so that we could all understand.


The room is spacious enough to accommodate 3 adults & 3 teens and the puzzles are plentiful and challenging enough so that there is work for everyone.
The design is authentic and everything was in working order.
Once in a while we were offered clues which we politely declined as we preferred to try and succeed on our own.
Suddenly we were out! 38 min. & no clues – a great feeling of success and a very strong urge to do another room – have we been infected with the bug?


A short 10 min walk takes us to the Rothschild branch of Benedict where we had reserved a table for “breakfast”
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We are already trying to choose our next room – to be continued…

This post is also available in: Hebrew

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