Know where you came from to know where you’re going…

It was recommended by TripAdvisor, by VirtualTourist,and most important – by Shavit the carnivore, so after a day filled with windmills, wooden clogs, water canals and pickled herring, and after we located our friendly B&B, we made our way to Haarlem (The Netherlands) to Wilma & Albert, knowing that we are about to eat a Dutch cow (April 19th 2011).

After discovering that Dutch wooden clogs are made from imported Canadian Birch trees, that Delft China is made from British clay, and that Tulips originated in Turkey, I wondered if what I was destined to eat in the evening actually originated from the cows we had viewed in the fields throughout the day.

But does it really matter? For all I care the beef can arrive from Argentina or Australia, as long as my steak is tasty.

חומר גלם

Raw materials

Wilma & Albert’s steak house was founded in 1971 and if I knew Dutch I could tell you more 🙂
img_0965.jpgWe sat outside (even though the interior was nice too) in the center of the old city, the church towered above us and Dutch people all around us, though there were some businessmen from other countries at a table or two.


After a short glance at the menu I narrowed down my selection to the obvious choice – The New Yorker. When the waiter arrived I asked which of their steaks is the best, when he answered “The New Yorker”, I knew I had a winner.


The winner


The cutter

הזוכה האמיתי

The real winner



Our party also enjoyed excellent spare ribs and the selected desserts were quite good too.

What really amazed us were the “kids dishes”, not the “schnitzel & chips” or “bangers & mash” type, just the regular adult dishes but with half the quantity and at half the price!

The atmosphere was magical, the service good and the food tasty, so very very tasty – thanks to all those who recommended the place.

Certainly worth a detour to Haarlem even if you don’t do anything else there.

This post is also available in: Hebrew

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