June Fudge

We had April Fudge and May Fudge and now it is time for the June fudge…This time I chose a challenging one – caramel fudge.

The caramel is the challenge as we will not use extracts or work with brown sugar, rather we will caramelize white sugar ourselves.

3 cups of sugar
250 ml double cream
60 grams buttter
2 tbsp light corn syrup
1/4 tsp salt

Brown 1 cup of sugar in a heavy bottomed saucepan.
Gradually add the cream, the rest of the sugar, the butter, and the salt.
Cook until 113ºC and remove from the stove.
Mix until it begins to solidify and pour into a greased pan. Cool for 3-5 hours and cut into squares.

Enjoy 🙂
img_0914s-1280x960.jpg img_0916s-1280x960.jpg img_0919s-1280x960.jpg img_0929s-1280x960.jpg img_0924s-1280x960.jpg img_0930s-1280x960.jpg

This post is also available in: Hebrew

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