I need to de-liver

“May I have some chicken liver?”
“Are you sure? It is Shavuot now everyone is into milk”
“Don’t worry, I will take milk products too”
“So what is it you wanted?”
“Some of these livers, yes the darker ones, not the light brown ones”

When I got home, I chopped a little onion and placed it in a heavy frying pan.
I added a generous quantity of olive oil so it would not burn and set it simmering.
When the onion began to turn translucent, I ground some black pepper from above.
No, it is not yet time for the salt 🙂

I pushed the onion aside leaving the center of the pan free and placed 4 beautiful pieces of liver in the middle, listening to the sounds…

The colour started to change from the bottom up and when it reached midway and they began to bleed, I turned them over gently.
No, it is still not time for the salt 🙂

I gave the pan a gentle shake to mix the liver and onions

I poured a little brandy over them, if you wish you can also flambé.
1-2 minutes to let the alcohol and extra liquid evaporate and straight to the plate!

Now is the time for the salt 🙂

Enjoy your breakfast!

This post is also available in: Hebrew

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