Cucumber time

The bay leaves from the garden nearby are dry and ready, the fennel seeds collected on our last trip to the Golan heights are waiting, hot peppers from my garden have been picked, vine leaves from out vines – check, large garlic cloves bought fresh from the market – check, a large jar & salt are waiting, the only ingredient lacking is the cucumbers.
This morning I found them: small, firm with the leftovers of the flower still attached.

So let’s get started:
Blanching – dip the vine leaves for 1 min, in boiling salt water (1 tbsp. salt per liter of water) and transfer to a bowl of cold water.
Arranging – arrange the cucumbers in the jar together with the crushed garlic cloves (do not peel), hot peppers, bay leaves and fennel seeds.
Filling – fill the jar with water until it covers the cucumbers.
Measuring – pour the water into a measuring vessel, add 3 tbsp. of salt for every liter of water, stir & return to jar.
Covering (optional) – cover liquid with 2-3 vine leaves
Covering (compulsory) – cover jar with gauze fabric or similar
Positioning – place in a warm and aired location (not in direct sunlight)

Dad, what are you doing?
Making pickled cucumbers
Yummy, I want to taste
In another week or 2 when they are ready

Waiting – after a few days the fermentation will begin and the liquid will turn cloudy, once the liquid becomes clear again – the fermentation has ended and the cucumbers are ready to be eaten.
Storing – put a lid on the jar and store in the refrigerator

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