A Hamburger for Mike

A work colleague named Mike introduced me to the word Humongous, he was an American, and in the USA you certainly need more than one word to describe something that is simply “Huge”. I knew the word existed but until I met Mike I don’t think I had encountered it more  than 2-3 times (in writing), on the other hand when Mike got really excited about something, you could hear humongous 2-3 times a minute.

Recently a new billboard appear on route 4 near Rupin junction with the familiar spelling, rumors began spreading and indicated that a top notch hamburger joint had appeared.
The Hebrew transcription of humongous looks and sounds rather stupid to me but that is about the only bad thing I can say about the place.

Their motto is “Large portions for the wee hours”, it sounds good but it means that during the week they only open at 6PM :-(. They do close at 4PM. but as the years go by I am less and less inclined to eat meat that late, however on Saturdays they open early – at noon.
Since they do not believe in reservations, I arrived with 2 kids early Saturday night hoping for the best, we were seated after a 15 min. wait, we then waited another 10 min. till a waiter arrived, so we were quite hungry and ready to order.
img_1587s-1024x768 img_1592s-1024x768

The waiter sat down at the table with us and acted as a talking menu, they don’t have printed ones other than a large blackboard hanging on the wall.
We chose the large 220g hamburger (also available giant – 440g, and naturally humongous  – 660g).
There are 7 different types of hamburger to choose from so we selected:
Regular + Cheddar cheese (over 10 different cheeses available)
Regular + Cheddar cheese, bacon & onion rings
French (Foie gras, truffle oil, Dijon mustard and onion comfiture) & Bouche cheese

15 min. later the hamburgers arrived, served open style on 3 gigantic plates each with a mountain of chips for 3 (or 2 really hungry) people.

img_1597s-1024x768 img_1596s-1024x768img_1594s-1024x768

The hamburgers were excellent, verging on perfect (higher quality beef would make all the difference), all the other ingredients were very good and their combination a success.
It was quite noisy inside (rock music) and crowded too, but the frantic waiters were very nice.
196 NIS for the 3 of us – tips cash only.
When we left the queue outside was much longer.
We shall be back, perhaps accompanied by Mike?

This post is also available in: Hebrew

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