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A few months ago I visited Humongous with Shira & Alon, and I hope to take Mike there some day too, but that does not mean that until that day arrives we cannot go there again.

For “Family day” (formerly Mother’s day) my wife suggested that maybe the time had come…
How could I refuse? Why would I even want to refuse?
To try and circumvent the agony of waiting in line, something that could prove rather difficult with the toddler, we hoped that maybe if we arrive exactly when the open…
So Saturday noon, after a short visit elsewhere and some almond tree photography, we headed in the right direction.
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Judging by the number of cars overflowing from the parking lot and parking on every scrap of clear land in the vicinity we expected a long wait, but it seemed like everyone was packed into Aroma cafe as there was no queue at all outside Humongous 🙂

Tomer tried out a brand new baby chair and happily sipped water while we patiently waited for our food.
IMG_2188S (1280x960) IMG_2193S (1280x960)

We ordered one giant* French & Sainte-Maure cheese and one giant* Italian & Old Amsterdam cheese.
*giant (440g) turned out to be simply 2 large (220g) placed one on top of the other – more than enough for 2 regular sized people 🙂

IMG_2195S (1280x960) ???????????????????????????????

It was yummy!
Our observation from the previous visit still stands – if the meat itself was slightly better, the result would have been perfect.

IMG_2199S (1280x960) ??????????????????????????????? IMG_2202S (1280x960) IMG_2201S (1280x960)

The music volume at Saturday lunchtime permits talking (in a loud voice), at night you can only communicate in sign language.
206 NIS before tip for 4.
When we left there was a queue outside 🙂  

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